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Mountain Ridge




The first town you come across along the road that connects Taceno to Alta Valsassina is Margno , known above all for the Pian delle Betulle cable car. Staying in Margno allows you to enjoy the fresh mountain air and experience the quiet and welcoming atmosphere of the town. Pian delle Betulle is the ideal destination for families and for those who want to immerse themselves in nature with peaceful walks in the woods ; as an alternative to a picnic on the vast green meadows, at Pian delle Betulle there are some restaurants that are ideal for a lunch with family and friends. Even in winter the resort is a true paradise, thanks to the possibility of ski mountaineering, snowshoeing and sledding.

Services: grocery, pharmacy, bar, self-service laundry, info point, petrol station, hairdresser, clothing store, Italian post office, ATM


Casargo is located in a flat valley to which the Orobic Prealps are the background. Especially in the summer months, it is a very lively country, full of events and demonstrations. The cycle path and the playground become an ideal meeting place for families and children; on the mountains that surround the town you will discover breathtaking views and walks suitable for everyone. In particular, Alpe di Paglio and Alpe Giumello represent two places particularly appreciated by locals and visitors thanks to their immense green meadows, their refuges and restaurants and, in particular in Giumello, to an incredible view from above on the Como Lake . Both pastures are recommended destinations both in summer and in winter.

Services: supermarket, pharmacy, bar, restaurant, info point, cycle path, playground, clothing shop, cutting items shop, Italian post office, butcher, ATM



Premana is located at 1,000 meters above sea level, in the heart of the Orobic Prealps of the upper Valvarrone. Known above all for its artisan tradition linked to the production of scissors and knives, the town has a large and varied territory to discover. There are numerous paths and agro-forestry-pastoral roads , which can be traveled both on foot and by mountain bike, which connect Premana to the mountain pastures, which are lively and welcoming especially in the summer months, and to the refreshment points and shelters in its valleys. Staying in Premana means exploring a new, fascinating and wild territory all year round; taste the typical dishes in the refuges of the area; discover the historic center, the traditions and the centenary history of the town. Two important events take place in Premana: the Giir di Mont and Premana Rivive l'Antico.

Services: supermarket, pharmacy, bar, restaurant, info point, playground, clothing shop, cutting items shop, shoe shop, Italian post office, butcher, beauty shop, hairdresser, ATM, wine vending machine

Alpe di Paglio

Alpe di Paglio can be reached by car, on a classic mountain road with 13 hairpin bends . This locality is the ideal starting point for many excursions : to Pian delle Betulle, to Rifugio Ombrega, to Monte Cimone, to name a few. In Paglio there are some bars and restaurants where you can refresh yourself after the walks. Here there is also a small church overlooking the Valsassina, a panoramic place of quiet . The road to reach Alpe di Paglio can also be traveled in winter and the large meadow in the mountain pastures is ideal for a picnic in the open air or for having fun on the snow with sleds.

Services: bar, restaurant. Essential services are available in the municipality of Casargo

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Pian delle Betulle

At 1,500 meters above sea level, in the municipality of Margno, there is Pian delle Betulle : a pasture that is still alive all year round immersed in wide pastures and surrounded by magnificent woods. The town can be reached by cable car from Margno or on foot from Alpe di Paglio, along a slightly sloping walk of about 20 minutes. Here there is a mountain lake, the small church of the Alpine troops and an adventure park for adults and children. There are numerous walks , of varying difficulty, which can be done both in summer and in winter with mountaineering skis or snowshoes. From here you can reach Monte Cimone , 1,800 meters above sea level: it is a peak of not too high difficulty that offers a fantastic view of our mountains, up to Monte Rosa!

Services: grocery, bar, restaurant. Essential services are available in the municipality of Margno


On the same mountain as Alpe Paglio, but at a lower altitude, is Ronco , a pasture with a view of Premana and its marvelous mountains of Val Fraina . The landscape is characterized by large pastures alternating with dense woods, ideal for gathering chestnuts or for looking for mushrooms. In the summer months Ronco has a cool and pleasant climate and a particularly relaxing atmosphere: ideal for families and for those who need a break from the daily frenzy , immersing themselves in nature. There are also numerous walks and excursions from Ronco: Ombrega refuge, Alpe Paglio, Valle dei Forni… the mountain pasture can be reached by car; some huts only with short walks surrounded by greenery.

Services: essential services are available in the municipality of Casargo


Alpe Giumello

Following the provincial road of Valvarrone, after the town of Narro, there is the detour that leads to Alpe Giumello : a flagship of the Municipality of Casargo, thanks to its incredible view from above on Lake Como . Once you reach the pasture, you will notice the bars, restaurants and ski slopes, active in the winter months and an ideal location for picnics in the summer months. The top of the slopes is Mount Muggio , an easily accessible panoramic point. A mid-level excursion with a breathtaking view is just the tour of this mountain, mostly overlooking Lake Como. A sunset at Alpe Giumello is the best way to crown your stay in Alta Valsassina.

Services: bar, restaurant, ski rental. Essential services are available in the municipality of Casargo

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